1. Visconti


This late Italian Book of Hour is perhaps one of the gayest, spontaneous and fanciful manuscripts. It was originally painted by two different artists. In the late 1300s Giovannino dei Grassi and his workshop painted the first folios for Giangaleazzo Visconti, despot of Milan. Belbello da Pavia completed the work for the Duke’s son, Filippo Maria after 1412. BR Folio; there are 151 leaves in one volume, trimmed to 247x175mm. The LF Folio has 167 leaves trimmed to 250x179mm.

This particular design has been adapted from LF folio 153 (acquired from Landau-Finlay 1969 by The National Library, Florence) Foxes with Firebrands from the Hours of the Passion, Compline). It has such fun and brightness about it. Lots of gold and colour palette. Colours of the scan are a little off but acceptable.


Text Early Gothic. In this design I followed the proportions and drew up lines of 1/8” with space between the lines also 1/8”, script was done with a No 4 Mitchell nib with Chinese black ink.

Text has spaces for example.

Hear ye now all who have come before Us,

(enter First name of King or Prince, followed by title eg King or Prince. eg Gabriel, King and Constanzia, Queen

of Lochac having

certain knowledge and especial grace,

acknowledge the high achievement,

chivalry and service to Our Kingdom

by Our subject (enter recipient’s name)

With admittance to (select one) Our Order of the White Scarf, Lochac Company of Archers, Cockatrice, Red Wyvern or Silver Pegasus

and further confer a Grant of Arms

and do hereby affirm ensigns

armorial to wit: (enter Registered Blazon)

Done by Our hand and seal this (enter date)

day of (enter month) AS (enter Society year)

leave space for signatures and title.

Seals should be attached to the bottom.


Gold leaf, ink or Gouache for diamond and curly leaves, borders one gold, blue or red.

Corner flowers blue and gold, pea flowers, red/Blue, Pink/red, pink/red/green/ No black outlines, tri leaves/ green., no black outlines White line details.

Spaces in texts, blocks of gold. Letters blue letter on gold background. Some text can be in red (rubicated).