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Hi everyone,
There's not all that much news this quarter and I'm stupidly busy so rather than producing a full issue of Ductus I thought I'd send out a quick email update instead.

Backlog stats: available 97 assigned 79. Not much movement.

Overdue assignments:
Sybille le Chat
2 outstanding AAs

Stormhold scriptorium
7 oustanding AAs

Could these people please contact me re this asap to make sure they aren't recalled and re-assigned.

Money troubles continue. We have received donations from Rowany and St Florian's and thus the seneschal seems to think we have enough. I am continuing to explain the error in her thinking, and am considering other options. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

There have been some problems shipping seals. I have some people looking into manfacturing wax to our specs and will probably end up supplying the West with something sturdier that the wax they are currently using.

Blank designs
I have recieived some designs from Nerissa and Branwen. We need more, especially AA blanks.

The college needs an Upper Warden (deputy provost). Successful applicant will be organised efficient and flexible assisting the Provost as needed with various tasks and projects to keep the College running smoothly. Volunteers please contact me privately by 12th night.

In progress: website (How's this coming JP?), regalia (scribe's badge), warrants. No rest for the wicked...

That's all, so I'd like to thank all those who have laboured so hard to make the College such a smashing success over the past year. I'll leave you with best wishes for the festive season and much happiness and success for the new year!