Scribe Notes

Volume 5 Issue 2 May 1999



From the desk of the Provost of Scribes does Branwen of Werchesvorde send greetings.


As some of you are aware I took over as Provost at Rowany Festival from Mistress Rowan, who has done a splendid job under very difficult circumstances.


Thank you Rowan. The actual physicaI handing over occurred on May Ist all accept the database, which did a 'Humpty Dumpty'. Mistress Rowan is still updating the new oId version from Master Richard' s files


My contact details are:

Branwen of Werchesvorde
(aka Amanda Baker)
mail Bakerswood
1 1 CottIe Road
Bullaburra NSW 2784
Phone 024759 1651 before 9pm est
e-mail bakerswood@msn com au

PIease ring, mail or send if you have any queries or information.


Who is Branwen?

I'm a Scribe of modest talent and I have administrative experience. The rest changes all the time.


State of the College

We have 33 active scribes of various ranks. We need more, talk to someone, teII them about us. Get them to

contact me. I won't award any assignments given in the Iast 18ths months due to the fact that I don't have the database, and don't want to doubIe up or omit scrolls. We've got plenty to go with. But if you want a particular recipient's scrolI, I'Il note it down for future assignments.


Original Scrolls gone missing

Something that has been brought up by a number of Scribes is that Scrolls have apparentIy gone missing.

Most haven't, they are in the West awaiting signatures. Some scrolls will return at the end of June with my



Courier problems

The scrolls that have disappeared are usually behind someone's cupboard, in that "empty' tube or the

cat/dog/guinea pig ate it. If you have been a courier please check your home. This is no laughing matter.

ScroIIs are the result of Iots of hard work and time, they are valuabIe and should be treated with respect.

I propose that a courier sign on and off a scroll and that the giver let me know who has it and contact detaiIs so I can folIow it up or pick it up.


Scribe Wardens

Local contacts are needed in every Barony, Mistress Rowan set two up, they are:

Riverhaven Nerissa de Saye

Rowany YseuIt de Lacy

these contacts wilI be henceforth be known as Scribe Wardens. Their duties are to co-ordinate information and teach or find suitabIe teachers for aspiring scribes. If you think you would Iike to be a Scribe Warden, call.



We have a supply of parchmentine, size AZ, cream at $2/sheet pIus postage. Parchmentine is similar to vellum and has excellent surface for fixing errors by scraping back and burnishing, with the result that the error and correction are very hard to discern.


AA Blanks

Mistress Rowan did a print run of some AAs, so stocks are high. Let me know if you need more.



Thankyou to all those who have sent in exemplars. They are very important in getting to know the scribes

in Lochac and it helps to know what level people are at in order to guide and assign assignments.



There will be a workshop at Santa Maria Kitchener Street Lawson 14th August, Sat,10-4pm. Bring scribe kit, enthusiasm and anything that is work in progress, or I'll provide. Lunch, tea/coffee and nibbles will be supplied. Come along and share knowledge and make friends of similar interests. Could Scribe Wardens let me know when their next classes/get togethers are happening so I can let others know in Scribes Notes by August 14th. Thanks.


College Structure

Mistress Rowan wrote

"The current structure of the College of Scribes is a good reflection of the amount of effort which scribes have put into the College. It is not, however, is not a good reflection of their level from the point of artistic skill and merit. You might have someone in College who has only done a few pieces, yet is obviously a 'master' of the scribal arts. You might also conceivably have someone who has completed countIess AAs, but will never have the confidence or capability to work on original scrolls. Under our existing system, the first would be an apprentice and the second a fulI scribe, which does seem odd at least.

I would like to see a different structure where those two aspects of the College - arts and service - are acknowledged."

This excerpt is from an unpublished Scribes Notes.


As ranking goes in the College we reward service not talent. How do you feel? What shouId we do? Let me know but remember to keep it simple.


Silver Nib

The Silver Nib is an award given for artistic ability and service beyond the normal. Recommendations should be sent to the King and Queen. Do you know someone who deserves this sort of recognition?


Web Site

I know it's out of date. I'm taking it over. Master Richard is kindly going to give it to me. I won't be doing much till I get the database. Yes, a lot depends on the database. Meanwhile, got any Websites you think are worth looking at and you want to share? Drop me a line.


Scribes Handbook

Yet another incarnation. This one is going to the printers on Wed 19th May and should be available on Wed 26th. The Scribes handbook is actually a compilation of existing articIes and a few new ones from the recent Scribes Notes and Collegia. It also includes, text for original scrolls, allowed substitutions and other bits and pieces Cost is $6.00 incIuding postage. Order now It is suitable for both the beginner and the master. Eventually it will be on the Website.


The Feature Article

The attached article is by Viscountess Nerissa de Saye on Advanced Illumination from the Collegia that Nerissa heId at the Rowany festival. Other articles can be submitted for publication in the Scribes Notes. Scribes notes will also be on the Website and is available for distribution to all who are interested.


All articles remain the copyright of the authors therefore you have to seek their permission before using them in other publications.

Yours in Service


Provost of Scribes.