Scribe Notes

Volume 5 issue 4 Nov 1999


From the desk of the Provost of Scribes does Branwen of werchesvorde send Season's Greetings and Happy New Year.

Here I am late again, this issue's excuse is "I didn't have anything to report until I had finished the data update". Sounds good? Well it's true and I have. Read on.

State of the College

The data has been updated. I have had to reconstruct a couple of files and so the data is not as up to date as I would wish. This is where you loyal Scribes, Journeymen and Apprentices come in. With this issue of Scribe Notes you wil find a record of your last known assignments.

I need to know if

1. If they were completed and returned.

2. If you want an extension of theor status.

3. If you want to return them to the list.

If you don't return an answer by the end of January 2000 I will assume they are to be returned to the list.

Interesting figures

as at 31.12.1999.

We have 1378 Award scrolls recorded.

Of those 538 are on hold due to no registered names and devices or changes in progress.

113 are available of those there are 20 OP, 1 OLM, 16 OL, 12 KSCA, 1 Baron, 1 Baroness, 1 ORL, 1 RCA, 15 VIS and 45 AAs.

106 are assigned.

15 missing/lost and the rest, 606 are completed.

Depending on the number of assigned that are returned to the list we aren't doing too bad.


West Scribe

Juana's data base for my part has been updated.



We have a supply of parchmentine, size A2, cream @$2.00/ sheet plus postage. AA Blanks plenty, give me a call if you need some free.



Look in Cockatrice for example AAs.


Scribes Handbook

There is a lot of information to distribute to new apprentices and it cists to photocopy and send. For $6.00 you can have a complete set and includes postage. After all I'm not made of money.



Please find enclosed a list of Rankings. Rankings are for completed and returned assignments.


Available Assignments

There is also a list of available assignments for you to peruse. I prefer that for each assignment you choose, you also pick one of the oldest assignments. If yu are a Scribe I prefer that you work on Originals as the backlog is more substantial. By all means if you need a break and you wish to do pre printeds please ask.


Lost and Sorely Missing

With the interim update done it is my sad duty to inform you that there are several finished scrolls gone missing and lost. I wish to know from the Scribes who have lost scrolls if they wish to re-do them or should they be returned to the list? Please let me know. I know how heartbreaking it is as some of them were mine.


Horden House Catalogue

Thanks to those who expressed their thanks for receiving a catalogue, unfortunately I have none left.

Hordern House may have some left, please contact them direct on 02 9356 4411 or 77 Victoria St Potts Point NSW 2011.

Talking of hich they have had some additions to their collection some rare and precious Renaissance manuscripts, priced from $650.00, amazing how much abuse a credit card is able to endure.


Request for articles

I need to know what sort of articles you would like to see in Scribe Notes eg How to articles? articles on text, illumination, materials and techniques or perhaps resources? Do you want to share knowledge? You are welcome!


Donation to Scribe's College

Mistress Nerissa de Saye recently made a donation to the College in the form of a book called Scribes and Sources, Handbook of the Chancery Hand in the 16th Century, texts from the Writing-Masters selected, introduced and translated by A.S. Osely 1980.


A most speciall and necessarie rule for perfection in writing from Peter Bales, the writing school master.

For perfectness, no better rule is found than exercise of everieart the ground without the which no cunning comes to man: no rule can helpe but this, doo what we can.

Whereto belongs both labour and delight, with all diligent heede of minde, hand and sight: still viewing your copie, observing each grace; so shall you write faire in verie short space.


Yours in service,

Branwen of Werchesvorde