Scribe Notes

Volume 6 Issue 1 May 2000


From the desk of the Provost


Well Rowany has come and gone I had a wonderful time. We tried out our new improved tent- well marquee, still a few bugs but nothing that can't be fixed. I met a few potential members for Scribes College. Was able to get signatures and seals and hopefully not a few scrolls handed out.

Some news, as of the 24th of this month I with my husband and son are going to the US for two years. ln Phoenix, Arizona. l'm not exactly deserting but perhaps spying in other Kingdoms to see how, when and what they are doing.

In my stead I am leaving my Deputy in charge of the every day running of the College, Mark Calderwood. Most know of him, those who don't, don't worry he is a great source of everything Scribal. There are no changes of addresses yet as Mark is also house sitting for us while we are off site. I will be contactable in about a month when we set up house.




Just to get things started Mark has set a date for a Scribes Workshop.

Date; 22nd July

Time; 10am-4pm

Place; Bakerswood

11 Cottle Road

Bullaburra NSW2784

Phone 02 4759 1651

Please let him know whether you can come, it will be fun and informative.


For those who can't come because of distance have you thought about running your own workshop? Try it, its a great way to swap, learn and teach as well as sharing time with people of similar interests.


Kells Exhibition

National gallery 25th Feb-7th May 2000.

Did you get the opportunity? I did and while the accompanying exhibition was worth it I was disappointed

with the Kells display ofthe book itself. I found it dark and therefore not easy to view, especially as they half buried it in a cabinet.

There were 4 rooms devoted to the exhibition. Apart from the manuscripts on display they also had a display of pigments in their pure state, tools and other materials, which was quite interesting.

There were missals, prayer books, choir books and beveries plus the Kells book. The interactive room contained computers with the Kells Cd -Rom which to my mind was far more informative than the catalogue and for a mere $25 you could get a very well presented and in depth view ofthe Book of Kells. The reproductions were far clearer than the real thing as seen in the dark. Really, they could've used a little more light, its lasted this long in all sorts of conditions. Sigh.

If you come to Mark's Workshop, if you ask nicely, Mark will give you a gander at the cd.


Rowany Exhibition

Well the weather was absolutely perfect for an on site Exhibition of the Scribal arts as done by the Lochac Scribes. It is true I only had a few artists on display but they were all I had. We Scribes are far, few and a long distance apart.

I had a large marquee at my disposal ie my husband has this 20'x30' marquee stuck in the garage so I co-opted it. Inside we constructed three canite exhibition boards on legs. Size was 6.5'X4' so we had quite a bit of display space. I had paid for 4 tables for Collegia classes but some uncaring sods took the tables before we could get them, so we ended up with only one. There were enough tables ordered but people thought they could just take'em and not pay. Don't worry the College isn't out of pocket but I am and very ##&**$$### off.

The display consisted of AA's that had been returned and unsigned, there were a couple that were sealed and signed, and a couple of original Scrolls. By the end of the weekend I had been able to get them all signed and most sealed. Some were given out. There were also some examples of real live original pages from France 12th, 14th Century and Italy 15th century. Mostly calligraphy with text so small that you need a magnifying glass to read- All had letter illumination. Each day the exhibits were put up and taken down. Comments were generally, hey this is wonderful, I want one like this! Who did this, its gooood. Sigh I'll never be able to do this!. There has never been something like this at Rowany before... I didn't hear anything negative.

There was also some basic hands on calligraphy and illumination collegia, specifically aimed at drawing in new talent. There are 8 new potentials, hope we can keep them interested. Thankyou Master Richard de la Croix for the impromptu calligraphy lesson. Thankyou Mark and Kilic. And a great thanks to Leofwyn for the illumination lesson while I was assisting Lochac Herald Umberto. Thanks Umberto for the sealing and scroll handing out..



Exeter Book lOth century.

One of my enemies ended my life,
Sapped my world-strength, afterward soaked me,
Wetted in water,
Set me in sun, where soon I lost,
The hairs which I had. And then the hard
Knife-edge cut me,
Fingers folded me; and feather of bird
Traced all over any tawny surface,
With drops of delight,
Then for trappings a man Bound me with boards,
bent hide over me, Glossed me with gold:
and so I glistened
Wondrous in smith-work, wire encircled.
Spy what I am called, Useful to man.
Mighty to heroes,
Holy am I.


New Book

Bestiary Richard Barber,1999,The Boydell Press, Woodbridge- An English version of the Bodeleian Library, Oxford MSSBodley 764 with all the original miniatures reproduced in facsimiles ISBN0851 153291 hard or 0851 15753X soft. For the special interest group. Excellent!!

Parchmentine for sale, $2/A2 sheets

ScribesNotes Handbook, $6.00


Acting Provost:

Mark Calderwood
11 Cottle Road
Ph 02 47591651



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