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UNTO: All Lochac Scribes, and those interested in the scribal arts
FROM: Alarice Beatrix von Thal, Lochac Provost of Scribes

Warmest greetings to you all!

Welcome to my first Scribe notes. In case you were not aware, I took over the office of Provost of Scribes at Spring Coronet from Mistress Rowan. And before I go any further, I would like to give:


To Mistress Rowan Perigrynne, for the enormous amount of work she did for the College and for all of us during her 4+ years in office. During my association with the College I was somewhat aware of her efforts, but having now received, read and absorbed the extensive and well-ordered files, I have had it driven home to me just what she achieved. She brought the College from three Warranted Scribes in 1985 to somewhere near 30 in 1989 (possibly more - I'm still working on updating the lists). Row an also helped Lochac admirably through the enormous changes in the College, including the organisation of the highly successful pre-printed AA scrolls, not to mention cultivating a high standard and a reputation for excellence which has made Lochac scribes renowned throughout the Knowne World. While we can all be proud of our individual efforts, I believe we all owe a vote of thanks to Rowan for her enduring enthusiasm for the College. I hope that I can follow adequately in her footsteps.

And now, of similar importance, is:


My name and title is Baroness Alarice Beatrix von Thal (OLM, ORL, AA). My mundane name is Miriam Krajewski, and the address for all correspondence is:

14/8-12 Minter Street

My phone number is (02) 789 4580 (please do not call after 9.30pm). I may also be contacted during business hours on (02) 257 4229, and while there is no problem in my accepting calls at work, please be aware that I will probably be unable to answer questions immediately as my memory for details is not terrific. I can of course take notes and get back to you with answers.

As to my experience. I have been Seneschal of two Baronies, and held the office of Lists in Rowany some years ago. I served a term as Vicereine (the representative of the Crown before we were a Principality, and therefore similar in many ways to the position of Princess). My work in the College has hitherto been restricted to pre-printed AA scrolls, although I am working on getting my original work up to standard. I so far only do illumination (my calligraphy is very poor and I have a limited interest in improving it). For those of you who are worried about my ability to judge your work, be not alarmed. My husband, Master Richard de la Croix, will be acting as my technical advisor. Also, if you have any questions concerning technique, materials, styles and sources, don't be afraid to ask. I will have your questions answered by Richard. And if he is unavailable or unable to answer the question, I still have Rowan as a back-up advisor (she only lives a suburb away after all). I hope I have assured you that my lack of experience will not hamper my willingness to help and advise.


OK. So what do I intend to put in Scribenotes? Well at the moment, I am not quite sure what I want it to be. For the moment I will loosely follow Rowan's format until I develop my own style. And I need to re-organise the files so that they suit the way I think. Once I've done that, I'll have a better idea of where we all stand. To help me do this, I have enclosed with this Scribenotes a letter to each scribe, and a circular to all A& S officers in groups where there appear to be no warranted scribes. The circular is self-explanatory. The letter included to scribes is intended to help me make sure that all my records are correct and up-to-date. Therefore, if any details are incorrect, please let me know either by marking the correction and returning the letter to me, or by writing to me. In particular, I need to make sure that your address is correct. The only thing that I really need to get updated is the mailing list. In fact, maybe you are receiving this and you don't know why. If you fit this category, please also let me know because I can ill-afford to post this to people who don't want to read it.

I have also made note of what assignments I believe you are now holding, and the date that it was assigned. If it is over 10 months since the scroll was assigned, it will be highlighted. If I do not recieve some message from you as to what stage the scroll is at within two months (ie. Christmas), then the scroll will be reassigned. If you have an assignment that you do not believe you will have time to do before your 12 months is up, please return it. These actions are very necessary, because while there is not a great deal of work available to assign to willing scribes, there is a huge number of scrolls previously assigned and awaiting return.

If I don't hear from you I will assume that the details were correct and I will look forward to seeing your completed works.


This is where I need your help. While I know many of you personally, and have some idea of what standard you are at and what type of scrolls you like to do, there are many of you of whom I know precious little. Until I feel more comfortable in this role, you will all have to give me some guidance about what you feel confident doing. For the moment, if all you have been doing is pre-printed, then that is what I will continue to assign to you, unless you tell me you are ready to do an original (or unless Richard and I feel that your standard is worthy of pushing you towards doing original scrolls). Being an apprentice myself, I can sympathise with feelings of nervousness when faced with an assignment. And I have a couple of suggestions to alleviate this. They are available to anyone who asks (otherwise I will assume that you are happy with the assignment and will expect to see the scroll within 12 months).

- If you receive an assignment which you don't understand, don't feel comfortable with, or have some questions about, please either return it immediately, call or write so that I can provide the extra information you need, or talk to other proficient scribes in your area for advice. Please DO NOT ignore it, because someone else could be working on it.

- If you receive an assignment for which you decide you would like to do the calligraphy, but are not comfortable with the illumination (or vice versa), contact me immediately, so that I can set you up with a partner. It need not be difficult to work with a partner (even across long distances), and if you would like advice as to how to go about this, please let me know.

- Almost anyone can colour a pre-printed AA, and often that is all that is needed to foster an interest in the scribal arts (and I should know). To help encourage new scribes, I would like some calligraphers to offer their assistance in calligraphing some pre-printed scrolls, so that I can send them for colouring to new scribes. If you're willing to do this, please let me know.

If you are a potential scribe who would like to take advantage of this, then I can send you a calligraphed scroll to colour, some advice about how to colour it, and if you feel unsure about drawing in the device (either because you are unsure about your drawing abilities or your heraldic knowledge), I can also send you a copy of the device which you can either copy or trace.

Now, I know that this can work, because it is how I do my scrolls, and I know personally of many other people who have discovered how easy illumination is by being eased into this way. Of course, I can also send batches of A As to groups to be done this way. Just because you can't calligraph and illuminate doesn't mean you can't make a worthwhile and satisfying contribution to the College.


One of the regular features of Scribenotes in the past has been the articles and advice on various aspects of the scribal arts. These were generally written by Rowan, but as I have made clear, I do not really have the knowledge and experience to provide that kind of valuable information. I would therefore dearly love to have a Guest Scribe each issue to write an article or short discussion on some relevant topic. While I will be requesting this from particular scribes, I would love to receive anything in this line from other scribes whom I have not contacted. Maybe you have discovered a new technique, or a great reference source, or have some specialised knowledge in a particular style. By sharing information, we can all become better scribes.


In the short time I have been in this office, I have heard whisperings of a number of people who have gripes about the College or the way it is run in Lochac. Now is the time to start afresh. If you feel you have been ignored or unfairly treated, tell me so that I can do something about it. Despite the fact that I clearly appreciate the great effort that Rowan made towards this office, any office will potentially become staid if it is run by the same person for over four years. Don't worry, even though she is a friend, I won't go running off to Rowan to tell her all the horrible things you said. I just want to work towards having a lot of happy scribes producing a lot of high quality scrolls.


There seems to be some confusion over exactly what is required to reach each level within the College structure. This is partly because in the last couple of years it has changed a number of times. On your information sheets I have left your status' as Rowan had recorded them, and until I get the requirements confirmed by the Chancellor of the College, I won't be changing them. The most recent set of requirements I can find are as follows (although I am sure this is not the most recent set):

A newcomer who has shown interest, not yet on the Roster.
Must attend 3 AA workshops or produce 1 original scroll to become a journeyman. (We are not currently running regular AA workshops, as Principality events often don't have time to spare. Some groups are running regular workshops, and I suppose this counts. I would regard completing three A As as the equivalent (since attending doesn't really mean you've learnt or completed anything). Further, completion means either calligraphy, or illumination, or both.)

Has completed one original scroll or participated in 3 AA workshops. Is listed on the College Roster and issued a warrant by the Principality Scribe. Must produce 3 or more original scrolls or be a journeyman for two years to become a scribe. Must continue to produce 1 scroll a year or attend 3 workshops per year to stay on the Roster.

Has been a Journeyman scribe for 2 years or has completed three original scrolls. Is listed on the College Roster and is issued a warrant. Must continue to produce one scroll a year or attend three workshops per year to stay on the Roster.

Selected from scribes by appointment to Their Highness, the Prince and Princess of Lochac. Duties include filling in of promissaries at the last moment, preparation of legal documents as required by the Coronet, etc.

As I said, I am sure this is not the last series of requirements. When I have the real thing confirmed I will print it. Please do not let your present status discourage you. As you can see, it reflects little on your ability, and almost entirely on your volume of work. And if it needs updating, I will do so as soon as I receive the correct requirements.

Furthermore, if you are and journeyman or scribe, and have never received a warrant, let me know and I will send you one.


I noticed when reading through the files that mention was made of the omission of names on the backs of some scrolls. While I am sure you are all putting your names on the back of your work, I thought it would do no harm to mention it.

If the scroll has been done by two people (ie calligraphy/illumination), make sure both names are on the back, and if you are not personally acquainted with the recipient, put your mundane name & address on the back as well, so that the recipient has the opportunity to thank you. This is especially important for original scrolls. Always write in pencil, near the edge, and press lightly so that it does not show through.


Pleeease, do not send completed scrolls through the post. Having been the victim of Australia Post (8 of my scrolls were lost with a package of 16 sent from Brisbane to Sydney), I cannot stress this enough. If you must send them in the post, please send them either certified or registered mail. But I much prefer personal delivery, and I am generally at Principality events, so will happily accept them then. I am even more reluctant to post scrolls overseas. Therefore, if anyone is going over to the West and would be able to convey scrolls either direction (or both), please let me know as soon as possible so that I can organise it. We are always in need of couriers.


Well, that's about all I had to say for the moment. I suppose I am expecting a barrage of mail as you all rush to answer my questions and update my mailing list for me. Communication is certainly going to help me get this running smoothly, and I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better.

If you think what I'm doing isn't right, please tell me. I really do appreciate constructive criticism, and I usually take it well, even if I do pout a bit for a while.

Since I had a spare page to kill, I've copied some period diaper samples. Just inspiration type stuff.

Until next time, I remain your faithful servant,


26th October ASXXIV (1989)

P.S. The following original scrolls appear to be available to willing scribes. Please tell me if you would like to do a particular one. If you believe one of these has already been assigned to you, please contact me immediately (before I accidently assign it again!)

Recipient - Award - Group - Date Given

Reynardine de Clifford - Knight - Aneala - 18/4/87
Angharad of Chester - Pelican - Aneala - 2/1/88
Hrolf Herjolfssen - Pelican - Ynnes Fawr - 15/6/86
Steveg Stevegson - Pelican - Aneala - 2/1/88
Reynardine de Clifford - Viscount - Aneala - 2/1/88
Eleanor Lyttlehayles - Viscountess - Stormhold - 2/1/88
Aislinn de Valence - Pelican - Innilgard - 1/4/89
Elffin of Mona - Knight - Llyn Arian - 27/3/89
Kane Greymane - Knight - Aneala - 9/4/89
Llewen the Unruly - Laurel - Rowany - 25/3/89
Peter du Gaunt Noir - Pelican - Aneala - 8/4/89

Also, do people prefer to do scrolls for people from their own group? Or would you rather do scrolls for people from other groups? This is particularly in reference to AA assignments - I would just like some opinions.

Thank you!


Society Name:
Current Status:
Mundane Name & Address:

Current Warrant Expires:
Warrant Expired:

Local Group:

Date Warranted:


Current Assignments*::

_____ Recipient ______ Award _____ Callig _____ Illum _____ Date Assigned _____

* If highlighted, this assignment will be reassigned unless I hear from you before Christmas.If you believe one of these assignments has been completed/returned or reissued, please also let me know as soon as possible. If this information needs adjusting, please correct and return to me.

Extra Notes:

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