9 November ASXXVI (1991)

UNTO: All Scribes
FROM: Baroness Alarice Beatrix von Thal, Lochac Provost of Scribes

Greetings (finally!) and final greetings!

Well, this is my final Scribenotes since, as you all know, I am giving up the office at Twelfth Night. Of course, I will still be giving out assignments and answering individual communications, but this will be my last general report. As you will also know, I have recently changed address (again!), hopefully for the last time in a long while. For the next two months, take note that my new address and phone number are as follows:
2/34 Benaroon Road
(02) 740 6020
My replacement as from Twelfth Night is Mistress Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada, from the Barony of Aneala and of course, our current Princess. She will need your special consideration as she will be jumping straight into the office from the tiring duties as our Royalty, and the extra difficulties she will face in the office due to the isolation of her Barony will need your co-operation. I am sure that you will all give her your best, as you have given it to me over the past two years. I guess you need her address and phone number as well - it is in Pegasus of course, but just in case anyone reading this is not a subscriber, her address is as follows:
Jo-Ann Colyer
17 Stainer Street
(09) 337 6268
I would't advise hassling her just yet. I'm sure she will be writing to you all after she takes on the office, and of course, I'm still doing the job until then. So, as to the state of the office as I wind down my tenure, it is as follows: AA Pre-Printed:
Assigned 58
Unassigned 14
Completed awaiting sigs/seals 19
Ready to hand out at 12th Night 6
Completed but incorrect 3
Original Leaves:
Assigned 2
Unassigned 6
Original Peerage/Grants:
Assigned 22
Unassigned 13
Ready to hand out at 12th Night 3
A lot of the assigned scrolls have been out to scribes for quite a long time. I'm not planning on chasing these up, but there's a good chance Rhianwen will, so all those guilty parties out there take note!

I didn't get much response from my plea for new AA blank designs. If you were working on one, continue to do so, because I will leave the decision of what to print to my successor (I won't have time to organise it now, and it will just mean more for me to freight over to Aneala).

Well, with little more to say, I will conclude. Thank you to everyone who has made my term in this office much easier, most particularly Gereint and Decion, who have given me much assistance in their respective role as Crux Australis Herald, the ex-royalty who have been most obliging in the matter of signing scrolls, and of course the scribes who have helped me work down the backlog and helped give Lochac such a good reputation in the scribal arts. Thank you to all of you who have given me such support and words of encouragement. And finally, thank you for your patience during the times when I have been remiss in my office, either because of outside commitments or my own inate laziness. And thus I remain,

Yours in Service,