UNTO: All Scribes
FROM: Alarice Beatrix von Thal, Lochac Provost of Scribes

Greetings of the season to you all,

Well, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy beginning to the mundane new year (and decade!)

I've got a few things to cover this time. Firstly, a big thank you to all those who contacted me after my first Scribe notes. I now have a much clearer idea of who's got what. I can't guarantee that there won't be mistakes in the future, but if you notice any, please contact me immediately, and I will try to fix them.

There were also quite a few who did not contact me, or who withdrew their assignments. This has resulted in quite a few assignments being released. If you know of any of the following being completed or well started, let me know immediately, as these will be the first to be assigned. If you would like to do a particular one, it will be a case of first come, first served. The released assignments are as follows:

Pre-printed AA's:

Kyla of Caladh
Madelaine de Bourgogne
Tovye Woolmongere
Jean Etienne de Brive la Gaillarde
Kiriel du Papillion
Lilian Guy of Swanton
Peter the Uncertain
Richard de la Croix
Robin the Ruthless in Battle
Stephen of Irongate
Ysabeau Chanteuse
Bianco del Conglio
Brodhir MacDathi
Bryony of the Bees


Brusi of Orkney (Pelican)
Gereint Scholar (Pelican)
Hugh Louis (Knight)
Richard de la Croix (Laurel)
Cristoval Gitano
Dafydd ap Donal ap Gwilym
Eleonora Lucia Cavalla
Everard de Brieuse
Gareth of Greymarch
Geoffrey Jeffries
Gereint Scholar
Gwynfor Lwyd
Hrolf Herjolfssen
Gabriella Okehorn
Osgot of Corfe
Yiannic Dimianos Draco
Mary Graham

With the assignment of AAs, I have found that in many cases, it is much easier to deal with a single contact. In some groups this has happened naturally, and I am keen to encourage it. It is very expensive and usually damaging to send the blanks one or two at a time. It is much better for me to send a batch to one person who can distribute blanks and assignments. Of course I am happy to correspond individually if you really wish it, but it is much easier for me to have a single contact.

New Assignments

The following original scrolls have just become available (asides from the four above). I suggest that if you want to claim one, do it quickly, because last time I did this the response was pretty enthusiastic.

Recipient - Group - Award - Date

Angharad of Chester - Aneala - Pelican - 2/1/88
Hrolf Herjolfssen - Ynys Fawr - Pelican - 15/6/86
Steveg Stevegson - Aneala - Pelican - 2/1/88
Aislinn de Valence - Innilgard - Pelican - 1/4/89
Antonia Ambroisa Illirica - Llyn Arien - Pelican - 25/3/89
Johanna Wendover - River Haven - Pelican - 3/6/89
Everard de Brieuse - River Haven - Pelican - 3/6/89
Nissyen ap Howell - Llyn Arien - Pelican - 25/3/89
Rowena of Loxton - Llyn Arien - Viscountess - 15/7/89
Thorfinn Hrolfsson - Stomhold - Grant - 2/1/88
Tovye Woolmongere - Innilgard - Pelican - 27/8/89
Valerian Zakharevitch - Llyn Arien - Viscount - 15/7/89

New AA Blank

Well, within a month or two we will have a replacement for the late gothic AA blank. Many people found the "woodcut" version difficult to colour - the new design is much simpler and very pretty. We will be using both designs for a while (until the old one runs out) but I expect the new design will be very popular. I have copied the design onto the back of this Scribenotes to let you all see it. I'll let you know when it's available.


As you all know, the scrolls currently being done for the College are AA's (pre-printed), GAs (Grants of Arms) and PAs (Patents of Arms - peerages and royal peerages). No scrolls were to be done for Rose Leaves and Leaves of Merit because these awards received a token. The exception to this is if the recipient of an ORL or OLM does not hold an AA. In this case the leaf is armigerous and they should therefore receive a scroll. It was planned that these would also be pre-printed, and preliminary designs have been drawn.

However, I have now discovered that in Lochac's 10 year history, only 14 people have received a leaf without having an AA. Of these, only 6 have passed name/devices, of these only 3 are available to do. Hardly seems worth printing them, does it?

We have a couple of alternatives available to us. We could use the printed scrolls from the West. However, general con census seems to be against this idea (they have very little illumination, and the paper is not as good quality as our AA blanks).

We could do them as originals. The advantages would be that we would have easier originals for people who don't feel ready to do grants (of which we have very few) or patents. They could have very minimal illumination and of course they would be of a much smaller size.

The largest disadvantage would be that of "unfairness". Someone who received a leaf as their first award would be of equal status as some who had a previous AA. However, one would have a pre-printed AA scroll and the other an original leaf scroll. Is this something we can live with?

There is also the moral issue that the rest of the West is getting pre-printeds. And if we get our backlog under control (which we nearly have), should we be going on to new scrolls or helping out with the West's backlog. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Gold Leaf

Richard de la Croix has discovered a most wonderful gum for laying gold leaf. It can be painted on or calligraphed with (!), washes out easily, requires virtually no waiting time and produces a remarkably smooth finish (the best I've seen yet). It is called German White Gilding Mix, and is sold by Wills Quills in Chatswood. We can get it for $4.00 a 30ml bottle (which would probably last a very long time). It may be possible to use it in technical pens (we just haven't tried it yet) which opens up great possibilities for doing very fine diapers. I will be showing it off around the place, and should have some to sell at the Festival. Look out for it!

Rowany Festival Stall

I would very much like to set up a stall to sell supplies at the Festival at the best prices I can manage. I think it would be of great advantage to all scribes, and if I happen to make a profit (not likely but possible) then that can go towards more supplies for the office. If there is any product that you can get at a good price, can you please tell me about it. I can get gold leaf at 20 sheets/$35.00 although I've heard a rumour that Stormhold can get it cheaper. I would love to buy several packets to split up and sell to those who can't afford and don't need quite that much. Then there is the $4.00 leaf gum mentioned above. I'm trying to get bulk prices for guache and brushes. There will also be paper, and maybe nibs and ink. If there is a specific product you find difficult to obtain or expensive, tell me and I will see if I can get a better price/supplier. And if anyone can good prices on any of these items and would be willing to purchase a supply to sell at the Festival (I should have funds to cover it), I'd be grateful if you let me know.

Innilgard Workshop

Mistress Aislinn de Valence has requested some assignments to work on in a workshop during the Collegium & Heraldic Symposium to be held in Innilgard on the weekend of 27/28 January. Anyone who will be at that event is encouraged to join in the workshop. I may even be there myself!

Well, that was short and sweet, wasn't it? I'm still looking for mailing list updates, and address corrections. Until next time...

I remain yours in Service,



PS. I am hoping to have this out bi-monthly, so the next issue will be late February. Look out then for my Article on "most common mistakes"...