UNTO: All Scribes
FROM: Alarice Beatrix von Thal, Lochac Provost of Scribes


This will be another very brief Scribenotes, as again, there has been very little activity in the last couple of months (has the cold weather frozen our brushes?). There are, however, a couple of things I need to mention.


Many of the scrolls which have been returned to me recently have not had the words "Rex/Regina" or "Princeps/Princepessa" added in to let the Royalty know where they are to sign. While the prompts are not vital to signing, it is neater and makes the signing process much faster. My husband is getting tired of having to add it in (although we have ceased doing this lately because there have been so many). This particularly applies to pre-printed AA scrolls.

So please, before you return the scroll to me, ensure that the royalty words appear somewhere at the end of the scroll (room for the signature should be left before it, so that when signed it reads naturally ie.. James Res, or Eleanor Principessa. Get the idea?.) If you do not understand what I mean by this request, or are unsure what to do, please ask! I'm sure that in the majority of cases, it is simple forgetfulness.

Completed Scrolls

The tally this month, although better, is again a little disappointing. Since the end of April, I have received:

Pre-Printed AAs: 8
Original Leaves: 0
Original Peerage: 1
Total: 9

This again leaves our total outstanding figures somewhat unchanged:

Pre-Printed AAs: 61(A) 25(U)
Original Leaves: 3(U)
Original Peerage: 19(A) 13(U)
Total: 80(A) 41(U)

The unassigned figure will probably jump by August, as I am planning on obtaining updates to my lists. However, if lots of those 80 outstanding scrolls come in, then the figures won't change much. I will not be assigning new work to any scribe with outstanding scrolls unless they have a really good reason why I should!

Scribe of the Month

As announced in Scribenotes 4, I will be running a year long incentive scheme, called Scribe of the Month. Points will be allocated to each scribe based on the work they hand in. The scribe with the most points during a Scribenotes timespan (which is actually 2 months) will be named Scribe of the Month, so that everyone can appreciate the work they have been doing. The scribe with the most points overall for the year will win themselves a one-year sustaining membership. For details of the point allocations, please see Scribenotes 4.

This month's Scribe of the Month is Richard de la Croix, with 7 points. (Richard is studying at the moment, and will not have time for scribal activities for the next few months - for those of you who think you cannot complete with his level of activity, now is your chance!)

A Plea to Past Royalty

Anybody who has been Lochac Royalty in the past, including Viceroy/Vicereign (and most of you are receiving this newsletter), I very much need your assistance in the signing of scrolls. I have not been able to do as much wayfaring as I would have liked recently, and I am building up quite a store of scrolls to be signed. Please - if you are in Sydney or coming through Sydney for any reason (or in fact Newcastle or Canberra), I would very much appreciate if you could let me know so that I can arrange to capture your attention for a few minutes of signing. There is not point in getting all these lovely scrolls completed only to have them sit in my scroll case for months.


Thank you to all those who have troubled to transport scrolls throughout Lochac or overseas for me, and furthermore to those who have offered. We seem to have a fairly regular network and posting has been minimised. Thanks!

It appears that the next courier to the West will be myself, in October. Please - if you are working on a Kingdom scroll which is nearly finished, please consider trying to finish and return it to me by October. The next courier after that will be in February (unless there is someone else out there?)

Remember, the Ball D'Argent is in Sydney in September - someone from your group may well be attending it. Perhaps they could bring your completed work with them?

College Ranks

I'm still working on that, I promise!

Mailing List

My mailing list has been growing lately - that's good, it means there are more people out there interested in scribing. If you know anyone who would like to be on my mailing list, please let me know, I would be happy to add more names on. And please don't forget to tell me if you change your address.

However, there a number of names on my list from whom I have heard little or nothing since taking office, and who have no assignments at present. Those people will find a star on the top right hand corner of this Scribenotes. This is a warning. If you still wish to receive Scribenotes you must contact me before mid-August. If you don't, you will not receive the newsletter any more. Some scribes have told me that they like to receive the newsletter even though they are not able to do scribework at the moment - that's fine - just contact me before mid-August. If my communications help to keep you interested then I'm happy to keep sending them. But if you are just not interested any more, then I'll same myself some postage.

My address is Miriam Krajewski, 14/8-12 Minter Street, Canterbury 2193. My home number is (02) 789 4580 and my work number is (02) 257 3094.


Any scribes out there who would like to share their expertise, discoveries or research with the rest of us are humbly requested to write an article or paragraph for inclusion in Scribenotes. I would like Scribenotes to become an interesting newsletter for us all. I'd love to write it all myself, but my knowledge is limited, and I'm as eager to learn as the next student. I look forward to your submissions.


I have included in the following pages a rather interesting piece reprinted from "Scribble", a Scribal magazine published in An Tir. This particular article is from the March XVI issue, it is quite probably that the publication is no longer being produced. It has some interesting bits and pieces however, which I will probably reprint in forthcoming Scribenotes.

The article is a translation of an "Award of Arms" scroll from 1569. As the translator, Gerek the Far- Seeing, notes in his introduction, we should all be glad that our wording is much more to the point!

Until next time, I remain,
In Your Service,