UNTO: All Scribes
FROM: Alarice Beatrix von Thal, Lochac Provost of Scribes


This is the Scribenotes that was due at the end of October. As most of you know, I was out of the country at that time and this has been my first opportunity to put pen to paper (or computer to paper as the case may be).

This is traditionally a very busy time of year in all our lives, with the end of exams and the Christmas season to content with. For the many students reading this, I hope you have all been successful in end of year exams, and I am aware that several of you are now keen to devote your spare time to scribing. I'm very pleased to hear it and I will be working on getting assignments to all those who have asked as soon as possible.

I have precious little to report this time so I'll just get straight to it.

Scribe of the Month

Congratulations and many thanks to Myfanway of Aberystwyth who is Scribe of the Month for October with a total of twelve points. I did get a few assignments in this time, and competition was close until I received Myfanwy's contributions.

For those who missed out on the original Scribe of the Month details, they are as follows.

I will be giving a prize of a year's society membership to the scribe who completes the most accepted assignments during a one year period. This will be judged on the basis of points attained, as per the following table: Original Peerage Scroll:
Calligraphy 3 points
Illumination 3 points
Original Leaf Scroll:
Calligraphy 2 points
Illumination 2 points
Pre-printed AA Scroll:
Calligraphy 1 point
Illumination 1 point
I have introduced this incentive scheme to possibly encourage people to finish their assignments, and be publicly acknowledged for their work in this newsletter. But mostly I have done it to give something back to scribes (or especially The scribe) who has contributed so much to our College. The prize will be awarded at the end of the Society year, next April.

I have not listed all the rules and regulations of the scheme here, as I am making up new ones as I go along. The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. You may ask me questions about the rules if you wish and I will be happy to answer them, but will not change them. (This paragraph, while true, is mostly directed at my household members who have been pestering me about the rules since the competition was introduced. You may ignore it at your discretion.)

Again, congratulations and many thanks go to Myfanwy.

Scroll Tallies

The outstanding scroll tallies look better this time, due to a cleanup of old records and quite a few assignments being completed. The tallies are as follows:

Pre-Printed AA's: 17
Original Leaves: 1
Original Peerages: 41

Pre-Printed AA's: 16
Original Leaves: 5
Original Peerages: 31

I have received a number of requests for assignments, so the "unassigned" tally will drop significantly next time. Thank you all for the effort. Again, all those who have had their assignments for over a year are encouraged to either complete them or return them. Enough said.

Available Assignments

The following original assignments are available. If you are interested in a particular one, please contact me soon as they are all on a first come first served basis.

Name (Group) - Award - Date Given
Brusi of Orkney (Rowany) - Pelican - June XXI
Hrolf Herjolfssen (Ynys Fawr) - Pelican - June XXI
Kane Greymane (Aneala) - Knight - April XXIII
Myfanwy ferch Dafydd (Innilgard) - Laurel - March XXIII
Rowena of Loxton (Llyn Arien) - Viscountess - July XXIV
Valerian Zakharavitch.. (Llyn Arien) - Viscount - July XXIV
Tovye Woolmongere (Innilgard) - Pelican - August XXIV
Marit the Wanderer (Agaricus) - Grant - April XXIV
Dermod Ui Neill (Rowany) Rose Leaf - April XVIII
John of Skye (River Haven) - Rose Leaf - August XXII
Steveg Stevegson (Aneala) - Leaf of Merit - October XVII

There are others too - again contact me if there is a particular one you want to do, it may still be available.


To the many to whom I owe letters - the last month or so has been very hectic and I may have lost your request/message. I will be replying to all those I can remember/have records of over the next week. If you don't hear from me in the next week or so, please contact me again. I will attempt to make amends.

Otherwise, a very merry Christmas and Happy (mundane) New Year to you all, and may you have many happy scribing hours over the holiday season. I remain,

In Your Service,