Greetings and salutations unto all scribes and others unto whom these words may come, from Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada.

Gentles all, please accept my apologies for the excessively long time it has taken me to get in touch with you. I offer my firm undertaking that I will make sure that it does not happen again.

A short synopsis on myself - I have been in the SCA for nearly 7 years, and I have held various offices in The Barony of Aneala, my home Barony. I was founding Baroness of Aneala, and I have recently served a term as Princess of Lochac. My interest in Calligraphy came about because I thought knowing how to do calligraphy would improve my handwriting. This was not to be, my handwriting is still bad, but my calligraphy is improving. I set about learning what I could about the beautiful art of gracious writing, and in doing so I enthused a few other people on this side of Lochac. We began corresponding with Mistress Rowan, the then Provost of Scribes, and our small group took off.

I do not know that I will be able to do any where near as good a job as my two predecessors have done, but I will try.

I would like to hear from any of you who have ideas on what you would like to see, as scrolls, or any ideas on what you think could be done by the Scribes Guild. I would like to commence a library list of available gooks in various regions of the Principality, not with a view to your lending them out, but so that people may be made aware of resources in their areas. I know that Thorffin has a long list of resource material, and I would like to see this duplicated in other groups.

Included with this missive, some of you will have received a list of scrolls, that are shown as outstanding and sent to you. Could you please mark the list, showing what you know to be the state of these scrolls and return the list to me so that the books may be bought up to date. The date the assignments were sent will be included.

I would like to revive the monthly Scribe, which has lapsed due to my laxity. I hope that this will encourage you all to once again start corresponding with this office and with me. I am usually available after 5.00pm WST, and before 7.00am WST. Please feel free to contact me by phone if you need to on (09) 314 2506. My address for mail is P.O. Box 491, APPLECROSS WA 6153. If you know of anyone who is travelling to Aneala, and you have scrolls to get to me, please entrust them to the people before you trust Australia Posts. If you must send them through the mail, maybe if there are a number of Scribes in the one area, you can send a bulk mailing once a month, and share the cost of insurance and postage. Also if you know of anyone travelling to the Central West, could you let me know so that I can send any scrolls for signing over. Thank You.

The first month for eligibility for Scribe of the Month will be May, as you should all have received this missive before 01.05.AS27, and I feel that I may as well start the New Year as I mean to continue.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, and may your Dreams all come true.

Until next you hear from me, next month,

Yours in Service always, to Crown and Coronet,


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