Greetings to all Lochac Scribes and others to whom this missive shall come, from Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada.



MAY: not included due to the lateness of posting.
JUNE: Muirghein ni Ghrianne - 8pts
JULY: Domenic Tremayne - 3pts

The prize for Scribe of the Year will be a Sustaining Membership.
Applications for August Scribe of the Month are now being accepted.


Welcome to the group of new scribes starting in Innilgard under the direction of Leonie de Grey. Also welcome to Yseult de Lacey from Rowany. Your skills will be appreciated, and much used.


My thanks to those of you who took the time to respond to the lists of outstanding work I send with Scribesnotes One. My records are getting more up to date. A number of people did not respond and from this I must assume that our backlog of work is increasing, as these scrolls will need to be reallocated. If you received a list and forgot to respond for any reason, and this jogs your memory, please let me know the status of these assignments so that they do not get done twice.

Do you know anyone interested in doing scribe work, please pass my name and address on to them. If they feel unable to work through me for any reason, please given them Sir William the Lucky's address.


As a number of you will be aware, the last couple of letters of intent from Laurel advised of the registration of a great number of West Kingdom devices and names, ergo the number of outstanding scrolls has risen dramatically within Lochac. On top of this, new awards are given out monthly or weekly and so the number grows and grows. If you are able to do some work quickly and efficiently please let me know and I will get some pre-printeds to you.

Also included in the registrations were a couple of names that have direct bearing on this College: Sir Haos Windchaser - name registered, Sir Styvren Longshanks - name registered. Sir Elffin of Mona has gone overseas for a while and will not be able to sign scrolls. We did try to get any outstanding awards that needed his signature done before he left, but if you find that you have any, please refer them back to me.


As mentioned above, we now have a considerable backlog of scrolls to be done. Beside the Award of Arms Scrolls, there are a few Originals, both Leaves and Patents, yet to be allocated. If you have any interest in one of these please contact me, and I will tell you which ones are available.


For purely selfish reasons I would like to put forward this idea of restructuring the college on state by state basis, with a central head. The reasons for this are various, but primarily cost saving. If I only have to send one package to each state, it only costs one lot of postage. I would only have to contact one person regarding the outstanding work and it would be easier to keep track of work. This is how things are currently done in Aneala and how Innilgard is being set up. If you wanted to know how the system works, you could contact either Baroness Muirgein, Lady Leonie or myself. I would like you to comment on this idea: I do not intend to introduce it on a purely arbitrary basis, and your feelings would be greatly appreciated. If you agree but feel that you have some refinements to offer, please jot them down and send them to me. If you do not agree, please also jot your feelings down and send them to me. If you are against the proposal, please think of an alternative, and don't just say no, offer advice. It will be appreciated.

If for any reason you felt that you could not work under these conditions, i.e. under a regional control, but would prefer to work under the co-ordinator let me know also, as you do not have to work through anyone that you do not want to.

All I want is what is best for the College of Scribes and the Scribes of Lochac. This is your group: your input is appreciated.


A suggestion has been put forward that we hold a Lochac-wide scribes workshop in order to deal with backlog of Award of Arms work. The suggested date was February or March AS XXVII (1993). This is not instead of people working on scrolls individually, but in conjunction with.

The workshop would ideally be run on the same day throughout Lochac, and would involve as many groups of scribes as possible. The current idea is for a production-line style with someone doing the blazon, someone painting, someone doing the calligraphy, and a couple of heralds to check as things are going, that they are going right. It would not have to involve only registered scribes, and could be an ideal way for people to see if they are interested in our work.


Muirghein has managed to get copies of all of the major awards translated into latin through a professor at the University of Western Australia. If you know of someone who wants their scroll done in this language, we now have the required translations. Thanks to Baroness Muirghein for passing copies on to the college.

If you have any similar items available for use or even if you have copies of books for sale or know where there are bargains to be gained etc please contact me and I'll post a note in Scribesnotes.


At May Coronet an original scroll was received by Lord Cornelius von Beck on behalf of his brother squire, Laird Hector MacDoughall. Due to circumstances beyond his control Lord Cornelius had to leave early and left the scroll in the care of another for passing to yet another person who was coming to Aneala. The scroll has been lost, and I am asking all to keep their eyes out for it please. Its emblazon is: Per Saltire, Azure and Or, fesswise two wolfs heads erased sinister facing, palewise two thistles slipped and leaved counterchanged.

Also lost is one Art Folio Holder, made of black plastic (that resembles cardboard in appearance, not texture). It can hold up to a 750*600 sheet and has ties to hold it shut. If you know the whereabouts of either of these items please let me know; the scroll should be sent to me and the folio to Master Thorfinn. Thank you. I look forward to receiving some completed assignments from you in the next month.

I remain yours in Service


Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada
c/o Jo-Ann Colyer
P.O. Box 491
Applecross WA 6153
(09) 314 2506