Volume 4, Number 5


Unto the Scribes of the Principality of Lochac does Richard de la Croix send greetings

Good gentles, welcome to another edition of Scribe Notes. I have quite a lot to talk about this time, so I hope you all can bear with me.

Progress Report

The Rowany Festival has come and gone, and so has the 6 month anniversary of my taking office. So far its been quite enjoyable. I feel like I've accomplished quite a lot already, and things are only going to get better. The basic day to day running of the office is quite smooth, and the database has proved to be an invaluable tool in keeping track of work and assignments.

Now for the statistics. At the time the database was completed, the following numbers of scrolls were outstanding:

Awards of Arms 147
Leaves of Achievement 12
Grants of Arms 14
Patents of Arms 82

for a total of 254 assignments

The situation as at today is:

Awards of Arms 93
Leaves of Achievement 7
Grants of Arms 11
Patents of Arms 76

For a total of 187

The total reduction in the backlog was therefore 67 - even allowing for 13 reassigned scrolls (never received by recipient) and 16 new assignments as the result of new awards / heraldic registrations. An up to date report on the assigned and unassigned scrolls is included at the back of this issue. A couple of things to note are:

1. Unassigned AA's are now on the endangered species list, although the Lochac Royalty I'm sure will try their hardest to remedy this situation. Even though 94 are still outstanding, 86 of these are assigned and theoretically in progress. I myself have around twenty that are calligraphed which I and my wife are illuminating as time permits.

2. We are still having a hard time keeping up with original scrolls. There has been some progress and with time this should improve. Several of the more prominent scribes in Lochac are now producing work again which is great to see, and we have had an influx of new people also willing to do work, so the outlook in this area is good.

In short though things look quite promising for the future. In real terms the backlog has fallen by 35% (although most of this fall was evidenced in AA scrolls) in the last 4 months, for which you all have my thanks.

The First Wave

The first wave of completed scrolls were handed out at the May Investiture. 26 scrolls were given in court for what seemed like an eternity. A thank you must go to Prince Alfar for his words of praise for the Scribes in Lochac while the scrolls were being awarded. In short he expressed words of thanks on behalf of the populace for work well done. I also would like to thank all for the tireless hours put in on behalf of the award recipients in Lochac - again.

The good news is the flow will continue. I have another 50+ completed scrolls in my possession, most of which only require sealing. Tancred and I spent one Sunday doing as many as we could, but unfortunately ran out of wax.In addition to the one's that I have, there are another 30 or so in the West Kingdom (at least theoretically) waiting for signing and sealing.

This means more time in court taken up handing out scrolls but so be it. I have also now instituted recording who received the scroll in court. Representatives are now being asked to leave their names with the Herald and this information is being recorded in the Scribe's database. So far it has worked well. Now hopefully, in the future when someone tells me they did not receive their scroll I can at least point them in the right direction.


Congratulations must go out to several individuals for their work and achievements since last issue.The following people have recently completed the work necessary to become a Scribe within the College in Lochac. Thirty-six points (see SN 4 / Vol III) are required for this level within Lochac.

Mistress Katherine Ayshford (Mordenvale / Llyn Arien)
Mistress Myfanwy of Aberystwyth (Rowany)

I would like to thank both generous ladies for the work they have done to date for both myself and my predecessors.In addition , the following people were moved to the rank of Journeyman having also recently acquired the required number of points in work of the necessary standard - ie twelve.

Mistress Bryony of the Bees
Lady Leonie de Grey

I would like to express thanks on behalf of the office and the people of Lochac who depend on us all for their award scrolls.

For those of you who offered comments on the Points and Rankings system (most were favourable) I have the following news.

Workshop Revisited

Well, I have had such a large number of people express their desire to see another workshop that I have decided its time for a sequel. Coming soon to a Barony near you ....

Scribes' Workshop II - Post Scriptorium

I don't have a date yet, but I thought the venue was on the whole a success last time - excepting some space restrictions. With a bigger room available, this last problem should disappear. At this stage, I would anticipate the event will be held around mid-July - either the 15th or 22nd so if you want to attend try and keep these dates in the back of your mind.

The same deal will apply as last time. If you turn up you will be treated to stimulating conversation amongst a great group of people. You'll also be fed at lunch time, and tea, coffee and biscuits will be supplied at other times. The door fee will also be covered for people turning up to scribe or help.

I would also later in the year like to travel around (at least on the east coast) so if you want to hold a workshop let me know and I'll see what I can arrange as far a visiting is concerned. I have an examination on October 13th, so before then I'll be fairly busy and most likely unable to travel, but any time after would be fine.

Feel free to let me know how to make these get togethers better if you have any suggestions. I'm particularly interested in comments from people who went last time and noticed any particular problems.

New AA Designs

I have received one new AA blank design, courtesy of Master Thorfinn, in a French Batarde hand. I still have a fairly large supply of the other designs available, so at this stage probably won't be printing for at least a couple of months. I have also received an offer from Mistress Myfanwy of Aberystwyth to work on a new Celtic design (if you've changed your mind Megan, let me know), and this might be ready in time for my journey to the printers. I will also be printing off some more of the Late Gothic (ivy border) design at the same time.

In addition, there are plans to produce a new Italian design which would bring the tally of current blanks available for AA's to 10. We still have abundant supplies of the following designs

Early Gothic I,
Early Gothic II and

Consequently, if you're running short of supplies or assignments let me know. I will be travelling to the event at Politarchoplis (Baronial Investiture), so try and catch up with me there or if you just can't wait, I am prepared to post them, but it costs $5-10 so I know which option I prefer.

Back on the subject of the print run, in the interest of maintaining variety, and at the same time receiving at least some discount for bulk ordering, I will only be printing 50 of each design at a time. If you are a good calligrapher / illuminator and would like your work and name to go down in history for posterity, designs for new AA's are always welcome. (Big hints at this time go out to Frae and Rowan to list but two)

If you are interested, I would like very much to talk to you. Alternatively, you might just like to send me a rough of a design. If you are not particularly confident in doing the calligraphy, I can also help you out there. Or, if you just aren't certain of your ability, take the other option and send me a rough and I'd be happy to have myself or my staff send you some comments. For your use, the specifications for the AA scroll blanks are included with this issue. I can't guarantee I'll use your design in this print run, but providing your work is good, I can say it will probably get used in the near future.

Recalled Assignments

Further to last Sribe Notes the following AA assignments have been recalled. Several people replied to the list of overdue assignments included individually with their issue, while others did not.

Recipient - Scribe

Astrid Towers - Manfred von Vogelheis
Benedetta de Spenser - Emmerick von Aldershorst
Brohhi McDathi - Emmerick von Aldershorst
Elfarch Myddfai - Emmerick von Aldershorst
Peter the Uncertain - Jessica of Fearn Abbey
Morag Freyser - Martin de Mont Blanc
Bran Emrys o Garnhedryn - Richard of Dunheved
Joab Cohen - Martin de Mont Blanc
Carl the Hopeful - Richard of Dunheved
Francis of Hexham - Isabeau of the Wylde Wood
Pedair na Cluaine Bige - Isabeau of the Wylde Wood
Richard of Dunheved - Isabeau of the Wylde Wood

These are scrolls that were assigned over 12 months ago. However, it is very possible that they were never assigned in the first place, or that they have actually been completed.

If the scribes concerned never received the assignments in the first place, nothing more need be done. They have been recalled and as a matter of priority (because there was a delay) they will be re-issued to the next available scribe(s) to ask for assignments.

However, if you are one of the scribes listed above, and you remember completing the assignment, please contact me as soon as you can. Just let me know that you did the scroll and I will mark it off my list as completed. I cannot implore you enough to let me know of this situation as it will save a lot of trouble with duplicate scrolls. Likewise, if you know of a scribe on the list, and they may not be getting Scribe Notes let them know the assignments have been recalled.

As a preventative measure, I will not actually re-assign these scrolls before 15th June 1995. You have until then to contact me. I can be reached through the following means:

Phone: (02) 740 6020 (home and answering m/c)
Phone: (02) 378 9132 (work)


Mail: 2/34 Benaroon Rd, Lakemba, NSW 2195

World Wide Web

I have recently set up a WWW page on the internet. The address of the URL is

At the moment, it just has a Lochac Regnum, Calendar, Order of Precedence and a very comprehensive collection of SCA Laws and Customs and other Legal Documents (the last courtesy of Master Delbert).Plans in the future are for quite a lot of information by subject, including but not limited to Calligraphy and Illumination. You are most welcome to browse and leave comments on how the whole setup can be improved and/or better utilised. Any negative criticism is also welcome, although I reserve the right to disregard destructive comments - as always.


Mail that is sent to the College of Scribes will be answered either here, or in a personal letter. Generally though, if an issue of Scribe Notes is close to being sent out you will probably find quick replies ending up here. If by some chance you would rather a private reply, just indicate so in your correspondence and the Provost of Scribes will happily oblige.

John of the Hills

Thanks for your letter. I am glad that you enjoyed the back issues of Scribe Notes. I have received several comments on the format, and most to all have been favourable. I will include issue 3 with this current mailing.

The Lochac Roll of Arms is currently in suspension I believe. Mistress Rowan has volunteered to update the document, so when its ready I'll write to you in detail. Given the magnitude of the task I wouldn't expect it until at the least the end of the year. I will keep the Scribing public aware of the progress of its completion as you requested.

There is to my knowledge no West Kingdom equivalent. I do though, pity the person that decides to engage in such a task. Such a person would earn great esteem and reputation, if for nothing more than their somewhat tenuous grip on sanity.

I have also included a short personal note to you, the specifications and format thereof fulfilling your final request. I hope it is helpful in your quest.

Branwen of Werchesvorde

Thank you for the completed Viscountal scroll, and the detailed description of your sources. In answer to your anxious demeanour, I am sure the recipient will find it most 'acceptable' (to use you words).

The alteration is imperceptible to the naked eye. The error was very well amended, and I was very relieved that it did not require you to re-do the scroll.

I like-wise have included a letter with this issue to you, so don't discard the envelope until you look further inside.


My lord, the Pelican scroll you passed on to me at the Festival has now been couriered to the West. Thank you for the AA's that yourself and Claas have completed and returned as well.

Beatrice Delfini

I received your phone call tonight. Both of the scrolls you requested are now assigned to you, and the details should have arrived by the time of this letter. Thank you also for the wonderful scroll you passed on to me at the Festival. It also has been sent to the West for signing and sealing.

Feature Article

This issue's Feature Article comes from Alarice Beatrix von Thal. I apoligize to those of you who have already read it 5 years ago in another issue, but with the increasing numbers of scribes asking about original assignments I thought it warranted a re-run.

Until next time,

Good Scribing


Written by my hand this 9th June in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-five of the Common Era

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