Scribe Notes

Volume 4, Number 7


Unto the Scribes of the Principality of Lochac does Richard de la Croix send greetings

Good gentles, welcome to another edition of Scribe Notes. Things seem to be very quiet out there over the last few months so I hope that means we can expect numerous completed scrolls as a result.

I myself have been temporarily occupied with study for an exam which thankfully now is over. Stay tuned for a flurry of activity in the next couple of months, including but not limited to another recall of overdue assignments.

Progress Report

I received a few completed AA's and no original scrolls in the last couple of months - most of these at the Ball d'Argent in Mordenvale. Other than this however, things have been relatively quiet.

I'm at a bit of a loss as to why things have slowed down the last 3-4 months, since we got off to such a great start. One area that has improved is that of original scroll production. I suppose it involves a bit of a trade-off, so I'm not all that worried about it. In fact , I prefer original assignments to be done as the AA pre-printed backlog is pretty much under control and managing itself . This may change in future given that the last 3 reigns have produced a large number of potential AA assignments - contingent of course upon future name and device registrations.

On the note of Royalty and the backlog, I would like to thank Peter and Muirghein for volunteering to do the scrolls for awards issued in their reign. The offer is much appreciated.

The Next Wave

Still no luck with the sealing wax, although I do have had a lead from Damacles Truhart, who seems to know of a source so we shall have to wait and see.

Again though, in case this doesn't work out, any other information would be appreciated. Thanks to Mistress Rowan I think I now have enough to seal around 40 or 50 scrolls, possibly more. However, a long term solution still needs to be found. In any case, I am anticipating that Twelfth Night in Stormhold will be a very big night for award scroll presentation.

If you are currently working on AA's or other scrolls that require only signatures from the Lochac Royalty, and you get them to me by the end of November, I shall endeavour to have them added to the list of scrolls handed out. I will still need some time to get signatures and do some sealing, but there should be opportunity for this before the event in Melbourne.


I wasn't kidding when I said things were slow. Although several scrolls were received since last issue, nobody moved up a level within the hierarchy of the College. I am still working on the issue of tokens or such for members of the college. The symbol of the office at the moment is a small ink flask, so it would be nice to try and preserve this. It would also be nice if it what ever is chosen could be functional as well, and I am looking to find a source of small pottery flasks that can be suspended from the belt by ribbon or cord. Something under $2 would be preferable.

In the end, you probably find that colour will determine or signify rank. Whatever is decided, as soon as I locate a source of the items I'll have them produced for each of the scribes on my active roster - which will probably be everyone who has attained points for scrolls or submitted a recent exemplar.

Workshop Revisited

The Scribes Workshop is scheduled to be held on 4th Saturday November at Woodstock Community Centre, Burwood. If your going to turn up, we will be in Group Room 2, which I think is the same place as last time. The same rules of admission will apply as last time also, ie
  1. No charge levied for the room if you come to work.
  2. Everyone will have a great time
  3. Lunch will be provided for volunteer workers.
  4. Everyone will have a great time
  5. A constant supply of tea, coffee and biscuits will be available.
  6. Everyone will have a great time
  7. Assignments will be available on the day if you don't currently have something you're working on and finally,
  8. Everyone will have a great time
The event will start from 10.00 am and go through to whenever. See you all there.

New AA Designs

I have completed a new AA design which takes the tally of new designs awaiting printing to 5, including a repeat of the Late Gothic design. Mistress Rowan has also volunteered to try her hand at something with more of an Eastern flavour for those of our number thus persuaded.

I had actually completed the illumination on a Flemish design but Lord Frae graciously beat me to the punch. In any case, as sometimes happens, I got carried away with the amount of colouring area, and it would have proven impractical as a pre-print design.

The paper has been obtained courtesy of Lord Spicers, so the only thing to do is organise the printing. This in itself will be a major investment , so I have to decide on numbers printed per design. At this stage 50 of each seems a reasonable compromise.

While on the subject of paper, I also purchased significant quantities of high quality paper during my visit at the paper merchants. All paper is acid free, PH Neutral, archival quality and will supposedly last 100+ years without noticeable degradation.

For those interested in purchasing a quantity of this stock the prices the College is charging appear below. There is a slight mark up (rounded up to nearest 10c/sheet) on the original purchase price, but retail prices as anyone should attest are at least 2-3 times those given:

Freelife White
215gsm 650x455 (FYI A2 size is 594x420)
Price $0.40 per sheet

Freelife White
320gsm 650x455 (FYI A2 size is 594x420)
Price $0.60 per sheet

Parchmentine Natural
230gsm 650x455 (FYI A2 size is 594x420)
Price $2.00 per sheet

I don't do mail order (unless you live far far away and pay for postage), but you should bear it in mind that I have paper available at a good price if you or some-one you know is wayfaring to an event at which I will be attending, or lives in Sydney.

In addition, from now on if you complete an original scroll during my tenure as Provost you will be reimbursed in kind for the paper you use (maximum 1 sheet per scroll and this will be retrospective). To claim your paper, let me know when next we will meet and I'll arrange to have the paper there for you.

World Wide Web

The scribes web page has been expanded since last issue to include a variety of additional items that may be of interest. The response to this medium is growing at an exponential rate, particularly as more people take the first steps out into the big "I". I have had more feedback (all thankfully positive and constructive) in the last month than all other time since the project began

A significant addition has been "Manuscripts On-Line". This particular link will kick off live in the next week or so. For each 'feature' manuscript, I'll publish pages detailing the layout, contents and other information as well as around a dozen images that can be viewed or downloaded ( approx 70-80k each) of the more interesting and stunning illuminated pages.

The links will start with 2 MS, these being The Hours of Simon de Varie illuminated by Jean Fouquet et al and the Morgan Library Prayer Book illuminated by Michelino da Besozzo. The other works to be covered in later updates will include and many more

It is hoped at this stage to change the MS every month or two, depending on what sort of access the site is getting. Along with these static pages, other information is available from the site including: Once again, the address of the URL for the Lochac Scribes Page is

Anyone that wants to publish anything on the net (or in Scribe Notes) can submit it to me and I'm more than happy to include it.


Mail that is sent to the College of Scribes will be answered either here, or in a personal letter. Generally though, if an issue of Scribe Notes is close to being sent out you will probably find quick replies ending up here. If by some chance you would rather a private reply, just indicate so in your correspondence and the Provost of Scribes will happily oblige.

Beatrice Delfini

Thanks once again for your efforts with the original scroll backlog. I hope the shorter wording I sent to you was suitable and I can't wait to see the finished product.

[Just for the record, if anyone out there ever needs to change the wording of a scroll slightly for appearance or to save space, nothing is set in concrete. You must however contact me first as Lady Beatrice has done, since I need to approve any changes. If the content is all there, more than not it will be OK, and if I have any doubts I will certainly contact my superior in the West.

When I send out an assignment, I will usually include the newer (and longer) version of text. In this case in reply to Beatrice's request, I sent a copy of the older, shorter wording which is still acceptable.]


You may have to hold off on that OLM assignment I gave you and Claas. Believe it or not, I received a letter today from the individual to whom the award was given, indicating that a name change is likely. If you are up for a Grant (ie GA, RCA, RCY) or even a Viscountal or Peerage scroll let me know and I'll send a list of available assignments.

Shamus McLeod

Thank you for your exemplar. If that was your second attempt you certainly show great promise. I'd like you to consider doing some work for the College of Scribes. I generally like to issue some AA pre-printed scrolls to every new scribe first, just to get their eye in on period style and get some ideas of layout options.

If this is OK let me know and I'll send some blanks down along with a guide on how they should be coloured and completed. Your calligraphy is certainly good enough to work on pre-printeds as is your illumination.

From the colour copy you sent, it looks like you may be using water colours. If this is the case, you will need to invest in a more opaque and light fast medium such as designer's guache (or you can grind and mix your own but the other alternative is easier). Your ink also looked grey, but again this could have been the result of the colour photocopy process.

May I suggest reading Mistress Rowan's guide to Illumination Part I which I have enclosed for some ideas on materials for you to use. I have also added your name to the Scribe Notes mailing list (as you can see). Let me know when you're ready for the first step and I'll guide you through.

[Just a reminder about mail response times...
90% of the time you should get postal replies within 7 days of me receiving the original correspondence - generally 2-3 days. If this doesn't happen, chances are its gone astray or something's not quite right. A quick phone call or possibly a follow up letter after the week is probably better for both of us than assuming I haven't got around to responding.

E-mail will be answered within 3 days, generally next day. However, I only collect e-mail at around 5pm each day, and replies are sent the same time next day (its automatic but I can make an emergency post) If I fail to answer my electronic mail, don't be afraid to re-post the outstanding message]

Feature Article

I thought continuing in the same vain as last issue I would include another extract from "Calligraphy - The Art of Beautiful Writing". In honour of our new apprentice Shamus from Stahlburg I though I'd reproduce some of Thorfinn's hints for beginners on equipment &c. Thank you again Master Thorfinn for allowing this access to your work .

Good Scribing,


Written by my hand this 24th October Novemeber in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-five of the Common Era