Unto Scribes and Scribes-to-be in Lochac
From Mistress Rowan Perigrynne, Provost of Scribes

This is the second letter from me to you. Some of you will have received the first letter - basically it was an introduction to what being a scribe in the SCA means, what I would like to do within the College, and a plea for scribes or potentials to contact me. If you particularly want a copy, I'll send one; much of it was re-printed in "Cockatrice".

Thank you to those scribes who did indeed contact me following Midwinter. You are now receiving this letter. If you are an Arts Officer, please pass this on to all who may be interested. I didn't send a copy to Officers where there were known scribes eg Stormhold, so whoever you are, pass this on to anyone interested.

I'm trying to get an up to date list of scribes; their names and addresses, abilities, styles, status (eg Warranted), and current assignments. I have this info on Dermod ui Niall, Mark Caulderwood, Gwynfor the Grey, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Bryn of the Quavers, Arian of Shadowvale, Kaylan and Isabeau Chanteuse. If you are not on the list, please send me the relevant details, either in a letter, on a 3x5 card, or however you can. I would also like EXEMPLARS from those who said they'd do them (hint hint) and anyone else who can be persuaded to do one. WE NEED MORE SCRIBES.


Those who attended Midwinter Investiture will no doubt remember His Excellency's instant poetry contest, on the one who inspires you. There were 15 entries, some of them very good indeed. The prize was a complete set of entries calligraphed. That means us, my friends. I have copies of the entries, a summary of which appear below. Please write/ring and tell me which one/s you would like to do. We need all of them to be done by someone, so if some are not done in the competition, I may need some volunteers to get the rest done in time.

Size: A4
Materials: good paper (eg callig pad) and ink/paint - no textas etc.
Style: your choice of period styles. Illumination (if done) must match calligraphy.
Prize: set of calligraphy pens or one of the Chatto & Windus series of illumination books or 3 Windsor & Newton guache colours. Overall winner picks first, then best novice (if different).
Competition closes: will be judged at the next Viceroy Tourney.

Guilliame Arnot - winner
Blair du Bois - highly commended
Istvan Scarhand - highly commended
Brusi Anderson of the Shetlands, Charles of the Park, Haos Windchaser, Hrolf Herjolfssen, Kyriel du Paillon, Diarmud ui Lochrain, Madelaine de Bourgogne,Mehitabel du Chat, Meredndd Goch ap Llewelyn, Robert Gordon of Ravensbrrok, Torg o'Hawkhurst.

I hope to encourage budding scribes to try their pens with a series of such competitions. Anyone with ideas for such, or anyone who cares to donate a prize for any such is more than welcome.


Current other schemes are
- a beginners' set of equipment and materials to be lent to promising young scribes while they save their own gear. Several sets in fact.
- a scribes stall at any suitable event, selling work, materials, whatever donated by scribes to raise money to fund projects such as those above.
- vellum bookmarks. I supply the vellum, you do the scribing. Regular competition. To be sold/auctioned for scribes funds as above.
- an expanded version of the Lochac Guide to Scrivening and Illuminating, by Dermod ui Niall, with more info and ideas.
- copies of the West Kingdom Scribes Handbook available for sale or lend.
- to start work on the dozens of Kingdom scroll assignments we have on file.


If you are one of the people with a copy of Marc Drogin's "Medieval Calligraphy", please mention it next time you write. This is the absolute best book on period calligraphy - if you can borrow it do. If enough people are interested in buying it, I might try to import some copies.

Anyone interested in a scribes workshop at he next Viceroy event?
Anyone wanting work to work on, but who isn't Kingdom Warranted yet, there are a number of Rowany Baronial scrolls looking for scribes. Scrolls for Roddhu Oakburn, Jocelyn du Holyer, Christia Barrett, Alveric, Dermod ui Niall, and Guilliame Arnaut are needed.

Haos - are you still doing Brusi's?
Bryn - Frederick says its OK to the one you've got.
Those scribes who were at my place after Midwinter - you wanted copies of stuff but didn't say what...what?
Bryony - how's your scroll going? (She has a Principality one to do).
Thorfinn - thanks for the exemplar. Much improved! Your line spacing could be closer still, but I think I can warrant you on that one. On your illumination: better to use two thin coats of white than one heavy one (or: try more water with it!) and again, I am happy to have another illuminator in Lochac - expect an assignment fairly soon.


I'm rather tired. Hope you all get this, what with the mails and all. Please do tell me of any other scribes I might not be aware of (Addresses too).

In service to the Dream,


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