FROM Mistress Rowan Perigrynne, Lochac Provost of Scribes
TO All scribes in Lochac and scribes to be...

Greetings again, fellow scribblers. This is obviously the third letter of this type, and if you want the others, you're going to have to write back to me (blackmail already!). My usual thanks to those who obviously shared their copy with other scribes - my mailing list grows well. How about some exemplars, people?


BRYONY OF THE BEES is currently working on a Kingdom assignment. MARIT THE WANDERER has just been given an AoA to do for the ex-Kingdom Chirurgeon, Rcihard the Dark FRAE will be sent a Kingdom A0A with this letter. I have just calligraphed the Viceregal oath of fealty to be presented at Purgatorio Coronation. FRAE (Mark Caulderwood) also recently won the scribes comp at the Dismal Fogs/Agaricus battle - congratulations! and I hope that the tube of Windsor & Newton gets well used. I have received letters from a new potential scribe, RICHARD DE LA CROIX from River Haven and from several old (well, known anyway) scribes. DERMOD UI NIALL has more time these days - perhaps we can get some work, or at least some tutoring from him. I will be at the War and Feast in Stormhold later this month, and will bring scribing stuff with me. I would love to set up a workshop fro a day, night or whatever, so if you are travelling, and it is possible, bring some scribing gear! FOR MORE BITS AND PIECES, SEE MAILBOX.


Several people have asked for (and received) copies of the poems to calligraph. Thankyou for your interest! Please spread the word and encourage other scribes! I still have several that noone has offered to do (hint hint), and I haven't seem any done yet. Closing date: Viceroy Tourney (if you aren't going, post it to me before then, or get someone to bring it for you). I do not expect all entries to be brillian in execution - TRY, even if you are only beginning to learn.


Dermod may be donating some paints to the College, which I will use for the borrow while you learn idea. Any other offers are most welcome. I have started working on expanding the Lochac book. Two new assignments from Kingdom have been given out (three, if you count mine).


When you get an assignment, you should get with it he following things:
The full, correct name of the recipient, the date on which they received the award, who gave it to them, their device: both a photocopy of it, and the blazon, so you know the colours (aha - heraldry comes into its own). Because not all scribes have the Scribe Handbook (no- don't ask me to send it to you just yet please - that's why I'm expenading the Locahc one), you will also need:
The size of page, wording of the scroll, number and size of seals and signatures, size of recipients device (bigger for an AA, smaller for others). I'll send a page with this info - if you don't get it yelp.

You may also get:
Some information on the date of the recipient's persona, or details of what they do in the SCA. If you don't, make a good guess at the persona from the name, or use your best/favourite style. Remeber - calligraphy and illumination should match up.

So far, out of the 43(?) assignments, two are done, two have been assigned, and are VERY DUE, two more recently assigned. Two more going out with this letter. HELP!!


Sounds like you? Well I am about to embark on a little adventure with anyone willing to try. Learn to Illuminate from Rowan in (I've no idea how many) easy lessons, BY MAIL. I have worked out a way that I think will work, and would love to play test it on some people. Any volunteers? You have nothing to lose but your fear of a paintbrush! Here's how we'll try it:

You tell me you want to play. If you want to learn a particular style, tell me, otherwise I'll decide on one which will be useful for your script type (please tell me what hand/s you know), or just plain useful. Note: you do not have to be a scribe to play this - tell anyone who would like to illuminate, but isn't interested in calligraphing also. When I have enough people (say 3 or 4), we'll start.

I'll send you lessons to do - with information, things to practise, and homework. You'll send it back to me and I'll comment on ways you can improve it. The best way I think is for me to photocopy your work and comment directly on it. You will be building up a set of resources in the style you choose, and learning exactly, step by step, how to recreate what you see in those tempting medieval parchments. And I do mean exactly. (eg: 1- Trace the follwing capital 2- colour the main capital blue, the background red, and the border gold. 3- using a 000 brush and thin white paint,.... you get the idea). Are YOU game??


Dermod has many excellent and unique calligraphy texts for sale. He would prefer to see them remain inside the College if at all possible, so perhaps those who wish to extend their resources should think about...

-- 'Insular Manuscripts 6th-9th Centuries'
-- 'Anglo Saxon Manuscripts 900-1066'
-- 'Early Gothic Manuscripts 1190-1230'

These volumes are from Oxford University Press. There are other volumes in the series, I believe. Each contains hudreds of B & W illustyrations and Colour plates, and is a definitive work on the subject. They normally retail at $134 each. Dermod is selling these at $60 each. He also has a supplementary volume of codicies.

-"LATINES ANTIQUIORES" by E A Lowe. This contains scripts of uncials and roman rustics, and is basically a calligraphers book. Many B & W illos and script examples. $30.

-And other books for those interested - contact Dermod on (02) 7472291 OR write to him:Sebastian de Jonge, 2/62 The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW.


Richard - thankyou for your letter, from which I can see you enjoy playing with pen and paper. I'll send you some Drogin medieval scripts to work on. If thoses drawings around the edge are yours, I'd love you to consider illumination too. What about it? What other styles do you do? What resources (books, materials) do you have access too?

Thorfinn - I've got the written oaths done for Vesper. Hugh and Merewyn are signing them tomorrow (the 9th August) and will sen them ocerseas ASAP. I will buy some ultramarine for you, and some spare, and bring them with me to Stormhold. Vellum was $4 a square foot last time I asked, but I will get you an up to date price. You don't HAVE to use vellum you know! Please share your precious drogin and Chatto and Windus!!

Arian - Thankyou for your copies of your scribing. PLease do send that exemplar! How about doing one or more poems (competition - see last newsletter) in Celtic Uncial for both practice AND exemplar? You could also do one in Italics. Yes - yeah for lunchtimes, or I'd never get my mail answered.

Bryony - Thanks for the infor on yourself and Haos, and for the extra mailing adresses for Aislinn and Anna, who should receive this. Enclosed with your copy of this are the poems you wanted (also yours, Aislinn). I wrote again to Aricia, and sent two separate copies. I've been sending her the Scribenotes, but she hasn't got them. Any supporting letters from you would be great. When will I see that scroll? Re vellum - see the note to Thorfinn. I just got that letter with his address today - thanks!

Haos - you have one of the best, no several of he best, hands in Lochac. PLease rejoin the scribal workforce!

Dermod - thankyou very much for the remainder of the files - I KNEW there had to be some letters somewhere, and it gives me a feeling of perspective to be able to read back on what you and Aricia had decided.

TAHT'S ALL FOLKS! See you in Stormhold...
In service to the dream,


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