UNTO: All scribes in Lochac, and other interested parties
FROM: Mistress Rowan Perigrynne, Lochac Provost of Scribes

It has been some time since you last heard from me. Apologies for that - my mundane life caught up with me somewhat, and then the mail strike and so on...
I know some people have asked to be added to the mailing list, and while I have some of their names, I don't have them all. So those of you who know what (or who) I am talking about please WRITE to me - I can remember things written down much better than those spoken to me.


BRYONY OF THE BEES - how is the kingdom scroll going? Time is moving fast... MARIT THE WANDERER - you are going to send me the pencil rough of your new assignment, aren't you? I have let FRAE down sadly - the scroll assignment we were going to do together has been taken back by Kingdom. Have you received your blue paint yet? RICHARD DE LA CROIX is doing well organizing a whole group of interested scribes up in River Haven. DERMOD has also been doing more scribing of late. (see also the mailbox).


The following people are currently warranted:
Rowan Perigrynne (no-one else has done a Kingdom scroll for a year)
The following warrants have elapsed:
Dermod ui Niall, Frae (partly my fault)
The following people are at a level where they should be warranted:
Richard de la Croix, Marit the Wanderer, Bryony of the Bees, Haos Windchaser, Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Gwynfor y Llwyd Rhwy, Bryn of the Quavers...


I received a total of NO entries for the competition. What happened? Evryone seemed to have some good reason and so it didn't. Happen. The competition, I mean. Well, be that as it may, I am not about to give up. The closing date is now ***Twelfth Night*** and it will be one of the categories in the ***Principality A & S caompetition***. How's that for incentive?

Let's look at the problems one at a time:
1: I haven't got the time. Well now you have lots more time, and your exams will be over soon too.
2: I won't be at 12th Night. So post it to me. In fact, if everyone posts their entries as soon as they are finished, I will know in advance if we are going to really and truly have a competition.
3: I don't have (have lost) my copy of the poem/s. Write me, or phone me (in this case, insist I write it down) and I'll send copies.
4: I'm not good enough. You have to start some time folks.

The second competition for 12th Night will be an illuminated capital: a "B", in your choice of period style. Capital to be 1/4 to 1/2 A4 size, suitable for use on an award scroll. Please submit both an OUTLINE COPY (photocopy it before you paint it) and the COLOURED COPY. This is for your benefit as well as mine. Entries cane be posted or given to me or brought to the event. Entries will be judged on authenticity of design, style, colouring etc as well as where you got your ideas- source books. Please don't copy a cap direct.), design, intricacy, balance, execution, etc. Not necessarily in that order.

Please enter one or both!! I know you're out there, you may even win...!


Bryony has one (I've been trying to ring you to find out which one you had- Dermod can't remember. Please enclose info in your next letter)
Marit has Richard the Dark's AA; Dermod has AnluanTrelain's OLM; Thorfinn is GETTING Richard of Seahaven's AA; Frae is GETTING (in conjuction with myself) Ella du Vergne's Laurel. Richard will be getting one in a couple of weeks, when he is not so busy. Anyone else for an assignment?

ILLUMINATION IN (how many was that) EASY LESSONS...

This project is taking longer than I thought. If all goes well the first part should accompany this letter. I am very heartened by the immense amount of interest in this idea!! Thank you for your support and confidence.

The following people I know are interested: Richard de la Croix, Frae, Marit the Wanderer, Thorfinn Hrolfsson... I know there are at least six more people. I don't have all your recent correspondance with me, but if you are or you know someone who thinks they have signed up, PLEASE TELL ME AGAIN.


I think it would be a good idea to share with you the recent comments from Aricia Kirsten Devereaux, Chancellor of the College of Scribes, West Kingdom, so...

She wrote with several ideas, useful reminders and information:
Scroll size limits have been relaxed, and can be smaller than the recommended sizes (as small as 9" x 12") but the recipient must be contacted first. This makes it more economic for expensive materials, especially vellum. I will still send you the recommended size.
Scribes can be warranted by the roster system (ie I send her a list of current people each 6 months); Scribes must do 1 Kingdom scroll each year to remain warranted (other scrolls won't keep yout warrant good); Check your scrolls carefully for mistakes (I made a mistake on a Kingdom one I did, which had to be corrected later - nasty);

She also sent a bevy of shield shapes from different times and periods to lend more authenticity and variety to our work. Copy of the same eclosed.


I now have a quantity of good quality paper ready cut to the most common scroll size (18"x24") at $1 a sheet. This is cheaper than you can buy it, and the profit on it will help pay for scribe's prizes etc. Interested? Write or call me (I heard via the grapevine that Marit was interested - any others?).


Wulf - thanks for the letter, hope you are on line again soon. Love to see that exemplar!

Richard - early indication suggests a local chapter of the Scribes may be OK - some resource material to come with this letter to you. COmments on your paint: What are you using? The silver is fine, but the gold too brassy for medieval manuscripts, which tend to be pale or yellow gold. Sample enclosed. Your red and blue look like plastic paints - are they? Samples of recommended colours and brands enclosed also. Photocopy ink is a nuisance. Suggestion: spend less (ie NO) time illuminating letters (not really period to do so anyway) so that you can find the time for some work for which you will receive greater recognition! (like a scroll).

Selivia - thanks for the letters and Forum. Ideas for the 12th Night comps. as above- love to hear from you in this regard, so that Pegasus can be notified.

Please write (if not to me at least on a scroll).

Yours as ever, in service to our Dream,


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