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Other Documents by the Scribes of Lochac

All images copyright 2003. All artwork remains the property of individual artists, and may not be reproduced in part or in full in any medium without written permission from the artists.



Illuminated Capital

Giles de Laval

Based on an example from the Winchester Bible, English c1160-1175. 8cm x 8cm.


Giles de Laval

A reproduction page based on several Books of Hours, in the French style of the 1470's based largely on the Grandes Heures of Anne of Brittany and the Hours of Mary of Burgundy. This page shows the beginning of the Canonical Hour of Sext (midday office). The text is in Latin, scribed with a quill. 9.8cm x 10.4cm.

Pater Noster

Yseult de Lacy

Based on the Tres Belle Heures and Petit Heures of the Duke of Berry, c1380. Horse parchment, W&N gouache, 21cm x 29.7cm.

A Map of Lochac

Nerissa de Saye

A map of the Principality in the style of the 15th century.

Gottingen Model Book

Myfanwy of Aberystwyth.

A replica of a 15th century scribal handbook, translated into English. The model book features step-by-step instructions for illuminating foliage and diapered backgrounds, instructions for tempering the colours, preparing vellum, making gold size and aurum musicum (a period fake gold), and sampler illumination pages. Chinese ink, gouache and shell gold on paper, hand-bound in cloth and board.

Astrological Man

Cairistiona nic Beathain

A page from a medical diagnostic girdle book reconstructed by the artist, based on several period examples. This page shows the influence of the signs of the zodiac on parts of the body. Gold leaf, mineral pigments and lampblack on vellum. 

Fealty scroll for Their Highnesses Cornelius and Morwynna

Nerissa de Saye

Original design, calligraphy and illumination by Nerissa de Saye. The border is based on the Beauchamp Hours, English 1440; the minaiture painting shows Prince Cornelius in combat with the allegorical faceless Viscount of the West, fighting off his own anonymity, while his Princess Morwynna looks on from the Tower of Love. Permanent ink, gouache and gold leaf on paper.

Miniature of Chess Players

Nerissa de Saye

A copy of an extant design, based on a miniature by the Masters of the Dirc van Delf c1405-1410. Height 78mm, raised and tooled gold and gouache on vellum.

Botanical Study

Giles de Laval

A botanical study depicting a martagon lily, sweet violet and heartease, in the style of the Mira Monumenta Calligraphiae, produced as a practice piece to learn the spatial relationships and precise illumination techniques used in this manuscript. Gouache on antique (18th century) paper.

The Constellation Cetus

Jehan Blacquiere

Cetus was the sea monster from which Perseus rescued Andromeda. After a late-10th century copy of Aratus of Soli's "Phaenomena", produced at the Benedictine Abbey at Fleury and decorated by a visiting English master artist.


Yseult de Lacy

This piece is based on a late 14th century Venetian manuscript, with the border somewhat simplified. It is painted in gouache on goat parchment (vellum), has raised goldwork on plaster-based gesso, and measures 33cm x 25cm (13" x 9.8"). The calligraphy is Gothic Textura Quadrata. (Detail of miniature.)


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Authored by Jehan, Giles, and Yseult AS XXXVIII (2003)