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Pre-Printed Scrolls by the Scribes of Lochac

Promissory Notes Awards of Arms with Arms "Instant"  AoAs, no arms Writs

In the beginning of its history, Lochac  produced completely original scrolls for all awards.  As the award numbers grew, this became impracticable, and fully original scrolls were no longer given for Awards of Arms.  Instead, the recipients were given  photocopied black-and-white promissory notes in Court,  and after they had registered their Arms, pre-printed award blanks were automatically assigned to scribes to complete for them, These pre-prints had most of the calligraphy offset-printed onto heavy card stock, with blank areas for Royalty and recipient names, the dates, and the blazon.  A blank shield, the main capital, and versals were normally also outlined.  All illumination was done by hand.  The blanks were A3 (29.8 x 41.8cm, 11.7 x 16.5").

However, the backlog of scrolls grew, and  a few years ago a system of "instant" scrolls was tried.  These had seals but no arms, and a new blank was made for each set of Royalty complete with Their Majesties' names.  All that had to be filled in was the recipients' name and the date.  Decoration was kept to a minimum;  typically the Lochac Arms and one capital.  These were given in Court at the time of the award, and no further scrolls were produced for AoAs, whether the recipient registered Arms or not.

This reduced the backlog, but the "instant" scrolls proved to be too simple for training new scribes to develop their skills, and the backlog for original scrolls (grants, peerages) increased.  Our current status is to present period-style Writs in Court -- printed documents which are folded up and tied with a seal -- plus instructions on how to apply for one of the old-style pre-printed scrolls with Arms once the recipient has registered Arms.  We are hopeful that this will provide the best of both worlds;  those who do not register arms, or do not want a full scroll, will still have a period-style document, and enough of the more complex scrolls will still be completed to help train the new scribes.


All images copyright 2003-2010. All artwork remains the property of individual artists, and may not be reproduced in part or in full in any medium without written permission from the artists.

        Awards of Arms with Armoury


Award of Arms for Mistress Nerissa de Saye

Document blank by Thorfinn Hrolfsen, completed by Giles de Laval with a strewn-flower border on liquid gold.


Award of Arms for Lord Malachi von Riga

Gothic blank by Richard de la Croix, completed by Giles de Laval in the style of the Tickhill Psalter c 1380.



Award of Arms for Lord Gryphon du Lac

Bar-and-ivy style gothic blank by Richard de la Croix, completed by Yseult de Lacy.



Award of Arms for Lady Yseult de Lacy

Blank by Caitlin de Courcy in the style of a Durer woodcut.  Originally, this blank was intended to be a black-and-white woodcut, with coloured initals.  However, everyone insisted on painting it fully and it took too long to finish, so this blank has now been retired.  Completed by Rowan Perigrynne.

Award of Arms for Lady Rioghace ni Loagredan

Book of Kells-stye blank by Bryony Beehyrd, completed by Leofwyn Wulfinga  (see detail of similar scroll for Lord Cannear Ruco).

Award of Arms for Lady Joanna of the Beechwoods

Italian white-vine style gothic blank by Caitlin de Courcy and Rowan Perigrynne, completed by Elinae of Whitby (illumination) and Yseult de Lacy (calligraphy).

Promissory Notes

Corin and Keridwen

Boris and Constance

Aedward and Yolande

"Instant" Awards of Arms without Armoury

Cornelius and Morwynna

Aedward and Yolande

Draco and Asa

Alfar and Gudrun

Hugh and Theresa

Berenger and Bethan

Siridean and Siban

Theuderic and Engelin

Gabriel and Constanzia

Bran and Leylii


Edmund and Leonora

Gabriel and Constanzia

Cornelius and Elizabeth

Siridean and Margie


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Authored by Jehan, Giles, and Yseult AS XXXVIII (2003)